17 maart 2019 Paneldiscussie

Power to the People

In this English recor­ding we joi­ned a panel on Power at the 2.Dh5 Fes­ti­val. Becau­se an fan­tas­tic fema­le spea­ker couldn’t come becau­se she was sick, it almost chan­ged in an all-male panel, so we deci­ded to save it. Bra­ce yourself for men who take up spa­ce – Mathijs van de San­de, Paul Rae­kstad and Josi­as Tem­bo talk to Lynn Fok­kens, Siets­ke, and Har­riet about ‘Power to the Peo­p­le’.

What kind of power are we actu­al­ly tal­king about? Who are the ‘peo­p­le’ any­way? And why, or under what con­di­ti­ons, would any claim to repre­sent ‘the peo­p­le’ be legi­ti­ma­te?”

Lady­Fest Maas­tricht