Bloed aan de Muur
Bloed aan de Muur
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30 november 2018 Podcast

Aflevering 9

25 Novem­ber Bloed aan de Muur was invi­ted to the ani­vers­a­ry (Bar­ri­vers­a­ry) of The Bar­ri­ca­de (book­ca­fé and coo­king col­lec­ti­ve) at ACU in Utrecht to talk about radi­cal books and zines. Of cour­se we glad­ly accep­ted this invita­ti­on. We invi­ted Rym­ke of publis­hing hou­se Ata­lan­ta, Nina of Echo Publi­ca­ti­ons and Tes­sa of The Bar­ri­ca­de to talk…

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